#PocketKitties are the companion project to Humans In My House. Follow Humans narrator, Kepler, on instagram @KeplerSeesTheWorld. Get your own #PocketKitty and tag us in your adventures.

#PocketKitties: $5/e, includes shipping–U.S. only

To order, email Amanda@redinkenthusiast.com with item number (located UNDER the corresponding picture), name, and mailing address. A PayPal invoice will be sent to the email address used to order. Order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Items are hand made and may have slight imperfections, as all cats naturally do. Colors may vary due to monitor settings. All pocket kitties range in size from marble to large gumball. Very small pocket kitties are labeled as “kitten.” No returns/refunds unless I have made a mistake in invoicing or shipping.

1202161011bblack/long hair 3

black/long hair 4

1202161012ablack surprised kitten 5

1202161012bwhite/yellow 6

1202161013white/black 7

1202161013bwhite/black starry eyes 9

1202161013cwhite/lime 10

1202161014grey/black paws long 11

1202161016grey/black paws kitten 12

1202161019grey/grey paws long 13

1202161021dark calico surprised 14


1202161022alight calico/black tail 16

1202161022bcatnip calico/white tail 17

1202161023dark calico/green/black ears 18

1202161023aorange tabby/face stripe kitten 19

monorail cat tabby 20

smiling tabby/heart on back 21

meowing tabby kitten 22

1202161024borange tabby/yellow stripe 23

1202161024cyellow large 24

1202161024dyellow large 25


1202161025ayellow kitten 28


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