Humans In My House

Cover - Book Size 5.5x8.5 96 dpi Final - Copy

Humans In My House©2015Available in Paperback, Available on Kindle

Middle Grade Fiction (8-12 years)

Logline: When a group of children camp out in a creepy old house outside of their neighborhood, they unknowingly impose on the solitude of the nameless black cat living there. Mischief ensues in this tale of discovery as told by the furry master of the house.

Dust Jacket Summary: The days of a cat are simple and pleasant. Lick, pounce, nap, repeat. Time passes this way for the narrator, a lone black cat living in an abandoned Victorian house, until a bunch of loud children interrupt with the goal of spending the night. Distracted from his usual habits, the cat watches from corners and staircases as the children attempt to prove their bravery, and he tries to decipher the unique emotions and motivations of his human guests. Despite the changes the children impose on his home, a bigger change is around the corner, much to his surprise.



Amanda Marsico

Author, Editor, Red Ink Enthusiast™



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