Amanda Marsico is an on-the-couch, cat-on-the-keyboard author whose editing and copywriting work improves corporate websites and the pages of manuscripts for novels and screenplays. Her editing and teaching careers find online homes here and in the occasional literary journal. She has two novels entering publication and a third in early drafting. Friends would label her a “Word Nerd” while she prefers “Red Ink Enthusiast.” Amanda is grateful for the opportunity to mix her work with her passion.

Amanda Marsico provides editing, proofreading, and copywriting services for web content and print media. She also offers training courses in Self-Editing for Business Writing. These services are available to individuals and businesses for any type of text. i.e.: commercial, academic, manuscript (pre-publication only for those seeking traditional publishing, pre- or post-publication for self-published texts), resume/cover letter/CV/query.

Amanda is currently accepting new clients. See the “Hire Me” page for rates. Contact her at amanda@redinkenthusiast.com with details of your project or visit her on Thumbtack if you are interested in a quote.

Don’t hesitate to contact Amanda with any questions,  tips,  business inquiries, or project partnership proposals (research,  business,  or recreational). She values the connections built by sharing the love of writing with others.

–Amanda Marsico, M.A.

Author, Editor, Red Ink Enthusiast


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  1. cyril July 5, 2013 at 3:28 am #

    Hello Mandy Marsico You have great writing blog here…I’m interested in partnership programs..I’m active in Internet marketing and blogging..web designing etc..Please connect with me

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