Haste Makes Waste.

12 Apr

0412171735-1You see all those flags on my proof copy of Acephalous? Those each represent one error that slipped through production unfixed. In the interest of full transparency, the first 50 paperback copies of Acephalous in my possession will have these errors. I’m selling them at a discount (save $2, or buy it and Humans In My House for $20, a $5 savings). I’m pulling the product from Amazon and CreateSpace until I can make corrections so no additional copies are printed.

So here’s the full story:

Because I was in a rush to publish in order to have copies in time for my book signing on April 15th, I approved my draft and ordered 50 books before I had the chance to read the proof copy. I was arrogant and hasty. I thought, “I’m not going to have a book to release at all if I don’t order now, and, hey, it’s probably not that bad.”

Such is the nature of looming deadlines when you’re a one-person company. This is what self-publishing looks like in its rawest, most embarrassing forms. I am totally comfortable with putting my failures out there. It’s much less mortifying than acting like I didn’t know there were things wrong with the book, or passing it off as correct knowing there are typos. Heaven forbid people see the errors and think I thought I hadn’t made a mistake. This way, people at least know they aren’t errors of ignorance, but errors of haste.

In all honesty, I’m sure I’m being much harder on myself because I’m an editor than the average pleasure-reader will be. Some of the things in this book are file conversion oddities that happened when CreateSpace converted the word document into a publication-formatted file (not blaming them, just acknowledging that weird technical stuff I can’t foresee sometimes happens). Other errors are small, and silly, and are probably going to go unnoticed. Things like a quotation mark facing away from the word rather than toward it. Then, there are the few glaring and stupid typos that I just don’t know how I missed. Take “dinnder” instead of “dinner” for example. Yep, true story. It’s in those first 50 copies. After 24 hours and some sangria to process this, I’m able to laugh at it.

I can assure you that NONE of the mistakes involve plot or the general concept of the story. They are all typographical errors, so if you can tolerate some dumb textual oversights, you’ll still be able to enjoy the book.

And, ya know, maybe one day when I’m a best-seller, there’ll be a click-bait article on social media with a headline like, “You’ll never guess how sloppy the first edition of Amanda Marsico’s Acephalous was. Only 50 were printed. Now, they’re worth hundreds of dollars.” So be it.

At this stage, there is nothing I can do about it but acknowledge that even an editor misses things, promise to never again be judge-y about other published books sold with typos, and to thank everybody in advance for kindness and patience. No need to roast me on Amazon product reviews. I know it needs work.

In the meantime, I’m making the file corrections as quickly as I can without further sacrificing quality. The Second Edition will come in the next month or so. I’d like to sell as many of these first 50 as I can since I already invested in them. Additionally, putting out a new edition means pulling the first from shelves and republishing from scratch, and that takes time.

Despite the errors, I hope to see you Saturday anyway.



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