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It’s Official!

21 Dec

Red Ink Enthusiast is now trademarked! Now, I’ve just got to figure out how to put the little tm on everything…

Here, Kitty.

18 Dec

About a year ago, I had a reading with a medium. She told me she saw a little black cat, and that my late granddad wanted me to publish a story about it. At that time, I had just graduated with my master’s, which concluded with the writing of a thesis–a children’s story about none other than a little black cat, told from its point of view. I’ve been sitting on this publication-ready story for a year. About 8 months after that reading, an orphaned black kitten ended up a part of my family. With the freedom of time my new life in South Carolina has afforded me, I’ve finally begun to pursue these signs in order to finish what I started. Today, I applied for a copyright of my story. Next, I’ll be self-publishing on Amazon for Kindle. I love editing, but I was always a writer first. And this feels right.


10 Dec

Today, I finished with clients early, put on pants (remember, I work from home), and ran errands. Despite the heavy traffic here during the holidays, it wasn’t so bad because my efforts got me, among other things, a fantastic lunch at Rivertown Bistro in Conway, SC and notarized papers to have “Red Ink Enthusiast” trademarked.



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