Novel Sneak Peek #7–Chapter 24 Excerpt

25 Sep

This is the last peek you guys are getting. It’s not very long, it doesn’t give a lot away, but that’s the whole point! I can’t give you guys the end of the book now can I? But don’t worry! I’m going to start Acephalous 2 for NaNoWriMo. The end of a book is never really the end of the story.

For now, enjoy your last look at novel #1–chapter 24.

Ten minutes later, Lilly burst through Breena’s bedroom door.

“Shit, Breena!”

No response.

“Breena? Breena!” Lilly was shouting directly into Breena’s face, but still, there was no response.

Lilly tried to scoop Breena up in her arms to move her, but she couldn’t stand up with her. Then, she tried to roll the dead weight into her lap to pick her up from a little higher up. Lilly dropped Breena’s legs when she was almost in a standing position, so she flopped Breena’s top half onto the bed. Health class training made Lilly quite aware that she was doing all of the wrong things with her friend, but she knew that Breena was tough and that her friend would want her to try. Luckily, all of the jostling roused Breena.

“Breena, thank the sweet Lord.”


“What can I do for you? What happened?”

“Get Jordan,” Breena muttered feebly.

Lilly fumbled for her phone. “What do I tell him?”
     “Have to get gone. Atlas.”

Lilly didn’t need any other information. The mention of Atlas was scary enough. She dialed Jordan, and told him to come pick them up at Breena’s house right away. Discussion of where they would go could happen later.

As Lilly argued urgently over the phone with Jordan about why Breena didn’t call him first, Breena tried to get a read on her storm. Her time unconscious left it vulnerable for control by anyone else with the ability. She wanted to break it up before Atlas could grab it for himself. Wading through the vibrations of the world made her nauseous. Her limbs hurt, and her heart hurt. She couldn’t get a complete hold on her hurricane because the energy would flow through one part of her arm and get stuck in her shoulder. The strength flowing through her feet and up her legs seemed to leak out of her hips. It was like she was cracked apart inside, the channels of energy in her body fragmented.

“Bree? Let’s go.” Breena had faded into unconsciousness again, or was it sleep? Jordan and Lilly were shaking her gently. Next thing she knew, their arms were under her shoulders. They were walking out of the front door. They were in the car on the way to the park she still didn’t know the name of.


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Happy reading!

–Amanda Marsico

Editor, Proofreader, Red Ink Enthusiast


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