Novel Sneak Peek #5– Ch. 21 Excerpt

11 Sep

I’m nearly done with the editing process, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s one of the final sneak peeks you’ll be getting! Enjoy.

A week later, Breena was released from the hospital with no restrictions on her activity. All of her tests were consistently normal, and the doctor was pleased to see she hadn’t fallen back into a deep sleep. Jordan picked Breena up at 7:00 for a surprise dinner and movie. Breena hadn’t woken up in time for Valentine’s Day, so he was treating her to a belated one on the last Saturday of February.

While she was primping, if the one stroke of a brush and hole-less jeans she was rocking instead of her usual garb could be considered primping, Ari knocked on her bedroom door. She let him in after slipping a shirt over her head. As was his annoying custom, he made himself right at home on her bed.

“Guess what, Bree!”

Breena never liked when his sentences started like this; it usually meant stupidity was to follow.

He took her silence as an inquiry and continued, “I got a date with Linda. Finally sealed the deal.”

This got Breena’s attention and she whipped her head around to look at her brother. “You did what?”

“Yeah, I guess all that time in the hospital room, again, really got under her skin. I’m infectious like that. Fitting for the setting we were in, really.”

“Ari, you can’t go out with her.”

“I’m going to.”

“No, Ari. What do you think she wants with you? If it took so much convincing, do you think she’s really into you? And what would a twenty-three year old want with a sixteen year old anyway? Nothing good.”

Ari butted in, “Oh, you think she wants that from me? Sweet.”

“No, Ari, that is not what I meant. Grown adults don’t go out with teenagers unless they want a pet, someone to use. I know, I know how you’re about to take that. She’s not using you for that. Just stay away from her.”

“Shit, Bree, I thought you’d actually approve of this one. She’s your friend.” Ari paused. “Oh. That’s it, isn’t it? She’s your friend so you don’t want me to have her?”

“That’s not it at all!”

“Yeah right. Well, I don’t care what it is. I’m going out with her.” Ari was out of Breena’s room before Breena could think of anything more convincing to say to him.

It’s not like I can go telling him the real reason he can’t see her. He will be in more danger knowing everything than he will be just going on a date with her.

With Breena’s mood slightly soured before her date, she was even more annoyed with Jordan’s overprotective actions upon leaving her house. Since there was snow on the front steps of Breena’s home, and on everything else for that matter, Jordan was still treating Breena like she was in the hospital. He held her hand as she descended the three snowy steps, then handed her a bouquet of grocery store roses. They kissed and walked to the car.

“Jordan, thank you for all this.”

“Of course. Only the best for you.”

“But I haven’t given you the best of me.” Tears welled up in Breena’s eyes. “I haven’t treated you well at all. You deserve so much better.”

“Don’t do this tonight, Bree. I’ve told you, your past and your mistakes are your business. Plus, Atlas is a manipulator. I don’t blame you for what happened. I just want to help you.”

“Can we go back to your house after the movie? I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

“Sure. I don’t sleep well anymore either.”

The movie was a dud, so the couple left forty-five minutes in. Driving back to the house was an adventure through snow drifts, across black ice, and under trees hanging heavy with icicles. Breena took in the scenery; her mind wandered. She was thankful to be back with a guy that treated her so kindly. She was surprised that Atlas hadn’t come to look for her. She hadn’t seen him in town or in her sleep, not that Breena missed him.


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Happy reading!

–Amanda Marsico

Editor, Proofreader, Red Ink Enthusiast


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