Novel Sneak Peek #4- Chapter 11 excerpt

4 Sep

Back home, Breena rested on her mother’s orders. It was insufferable. Lexa had Ari waiting on Breena even though she insisted she was fine. Her mom and brother meant well, but Ari’s non-stop gushing over Linda made Breena lie about her well-being more convincingly so she could hurry up and resume normal life. Apparently, Breena’s friend from London had made quite the impression on Ari during the time they were cramped together in the hospital room. So, while Breena lie in bed, miserable from her physical and emotional traumas, she had to hear her sixteen year old brother fawn over a woman seven years older and not in the least bit interested. I’ll have to tell someone about what happened in London…if not for my sanity, then for my safety. It’s like he’s still watching me. All those lies… I bet he could kill me if he wanted to. No, if he can kill then no one else can know or he’ll kill them, too. No, I have to tell. Oh, but what’s another secret floating around in here? She mentally tapped her temple. A secret never killed anyone. No, only secret murderers kill people. That’s it. I have to tell.

“…and then I could drive up lookin’ all fly. You think she’ll go for it?” Ari said.

Breena knew he was talking during her mental argument, but wasn’t able to make herself care. She shook her head no. Whatever Ari had asked, Linda wouldn’t be interested. 


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–Amanda Marsico

Editor, Proofreader, Red Ink Enthusiast


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