Novel Sneak Peek #2–Chapter 3 excerpt

19 Aug

When Breena got to school, Jordan was waiting for her in his usual parking spot. He leaned against his car like nothing bothered him, but Breena knew better. Last night she had completely skirted their new issue. She had to give him a definitive explanation of her hesitations, now. As if I could really tell him… As she turned her car off, Jordan let his foot fall down from the tire he had it propped on. He moved to open her door, but was too slow. Breena stepped out and grinned at Jordan sheepishly. She knew what was coming.

Jordan wasted no time getting to the meat of the subject. “Breena, if it makes you that uncomfortable, which clearly it does, then you don’t have to think another second about it. You should be with me because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. And you seem like you really don’t think this is a good idea. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy dating you knowing you were constantly anxious about it, anyway.”

“Woah, take a breath, man. I was going to say most of those things, but let me get all the way out of my car first. Goodness…” Breena was a little taken aback by Jordan’s bout of metacognition, as he wasn’t usually so intuitive or good-natured when people said no. She hoped their life-long friendship made her the exception. “Top Gun’s my favorite movie.”

“What?” Jordan choked out.

“Just wanted to clear the air of all the awkwardness.” Breena gestured around her with both arms like she was sweeping away negative energy. “Thought I’d throw something new out there. I see I’ve just made this a significantly worse conversation.” Turning away from Jordan, she leaned back into her car to get her bag from the passenger’s seat.

“Are you ok?” Jordan asked in a reserved tone. When Breena turned back around, she could see the true concern in his eyes. She admitted to herself that she was usually more put together, more collected.



As you see more of the story unfold, I’ll revise according to what you guys say works or does not work. Also, feel free to share this post via the share links below, but please do not delete information linking it to this page or claim the words as your own. This is my livelihood here.

Happy reading!

–Amanda Marsico

Editor, Proofreader, Red Ink Enthusiast


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